Dead or Alive: Xtreme Volleyball and Dead or Alive 4
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Full name Lisa
Series   Dead or Alive: Xtreme Volleyball and Dead or Alive 4
D.o.B / Age   21yr, July 20
Height   175cm
B / W / H   92cm / 56cm / 86cm
Weight   53kg
Bloodtype   A
Likes   Cherry pie, Surfing, scuba diving, the color red
Dislikes   DOA Tec, being bored
Affiliated Characters   Ayane, Christie, Helena, Hitomi, Kasumi, Kokoro, Lei-Fang, Niki, Rio de Channel, Tina Armstrong
Family   None known
Background Info   Lisa plays host to the other DoA females as they arrive on Zack's Island in DOA: Xtreme Beach volleyball. She works as a stockbroker in New York and is good friends with Tina. Bass Armstrong treats Lisa as his second daughter and has been training them both. Despite her young age, Lisa has also worked for DOATEC as one of scientists supervising Epsylon project that resulted in Hayate's memory loss. Right now Lisa is ultimately more interested in wrestling Tina than in the affairs of DOATEC. On the ring Lisa uses nickname "La mariposa" (Butterfly) and wears a mask to remain anomymous. La Mariposa is a mysterious Lucha Libre wrestler and a star that could be only compared to Tina Armstrong. She's never lost a match and reached stardom quickly after her debut. Like other masked wrestlers, her true identity and past are secrets. In general Lisa is, at the very least, a very nice woman. She appears to be able to connect with most of the women from the series, as well as being able to draw up conversation with Ayane (which is a miraculous feat in itself); also Lisa seems to be a bit of a workaholic, she is almost always seen doing some form of work

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