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Full name May
Series   Guilty Gear
D.o.B / Age   May 5
Height   Not known
B / W / H   Not known
Weight   Not known
Bloodtype   Not known
Likes   Johnny, Dizzy and the Jellyfish Pirates
Dislikes   bald people (especially Faust), the unknown nature of her past
Affiliated Characters   Baiken, Dizzy, I-No, Jam Kuradoberi, Millia Rage
Family   Not known
Background Info   She is a young, cute, and spunky member of the Jellyfish Air Pirates, and is utterly dedicated to Johnny, the leader of the pirates and the man who raised her after she was orphaned. She entered the first tournament in order to bail Johnny out of prison, and fights in later games for his benefit. She fights with a massive ship's anchor, which she is able to swing with ease. May is Japanese, but she has been kept in the dark about her heritage for her own safety. It is also, very heavily implied that May is Japanese. (In fact, if Justice defeats May in the GGXX arcade mode, Justice will point out that she is disgusted by the fact there are still Japanese people walking the Earth.) May has an irrational fear of bald people and can sense them from a distance. (Source: Wikipedia)

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