Millia Rage
Guilty Gears
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Full name Millia Rage
Series   Guilty Gears
D.o.B / Age   Not known
Height   Not known
B / W / H   Not known
Weight   Not known
Bloodtype   Not known
Likes   Not known
Dislikes   Not known
Affiliated Characters   Baiken, Dizzy, I-No, Jam Kuradoberi, May
Family   Not known
Background Info   Born of Russian descent, Millia lost both of her parents at an early age. She was thereafter adopted into a nearby Assassin Syndicate, where she practiced in the art of Hi-Deigokutsuipou, or the "Six Forbidden Magics". Using the Sixth Hi-Deigokutsuipou, "Angra", Millia's hair gained the abilities she currently possesses. Zato-1 practiced a similar technique, the Fifth Forbidden Magic, "Shokusei Kagejin", by sacrificing his sense of sight.

Due to Zato-1's rise in power within the Guild, Millia betrayed her "comrade", sealing him within a dimensional portal. Millia abandoned the Guild shortly thereafter, finding no comfort in the cruel ways of an assassin. The Guild leader eventually escaped, enraged at Millia's actions, leading to an overall hatred of women.

After the "death" of Commander Gear Dizzy, as well as Zato-1, Millia continued living in her familiar solitude. However, it was not long before she received sightings of a being similar to that of Zato's Forbidden Beast, Eddie. Encountering many familiar, as well as new, faces along the way, Millia once again confronts Eddie.

In XX, Millia has three different endings, all of which conclude upon her search for Eddie. In the first, Slayer bars her path just before she is about to confront Eddie. After a fight Millia manages to hold her ground but is unable to defeat him, Slayer "reveals" to Millia that her hair is of the same origins as Eddie, though Millia replies that "[she] knows this better than anybody.". In the second ending she manages to defeat slayer and pass on through to then subsequently kill Eddie, fatigued and relived, Millia returns to her new life. The third ending is very similar to the second albeit with a much more brighter outcome. After killing Eddie, she buries Zato's body, leaving her hair and Zato's blindfold as a memento. She thanks him and leaves. (Source: Wikipedia)

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