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  Before sending email, read the following items. It might answer any questions you have.

The CG Shrines are a non-profit artwork archive that collects images based on whatever subject takes the caretaker's interest. This will usually be a character from a manga/anime series or some game, but this is not always the case. There is no ulterior motive to this site - it exists by the grace of the artists and the people donating serverspace and bandwidth. You are free to browse through it at your leisure.

When you send your artwork, please put your E-mail or URL on the piece (somewhere in a corner). This makes it easier for people wanting to contact you to do so. Artwork starts a life of it's own once it hits the internet and it will not stay where you put it.

Additionally, let me know if you want an email and/or url links available in the Artist's Database, and if so, what the correct addresses are. (By default I do not enter email links, since I caution to the side of privacy.)

While artists are encouraged to send their works, sending it does not guarantee it being placed on the shrines. Please take a critical look at your artwork before sending it - if you have doubts then work on it until you do not. Also, if it is rejected, depending on the workload you may or may not receive a reply.

Please try to obtain permission from the artists before sending artwork to the shrines. Artwork that I can trace the owner of I will not add without contacting the artist. Artwork that carries no means of contacting the artist can be used, but is always subject to removal if the original artist so requests.

If you see artwork that has been added without your permission, drop a line to have it credited properly or removed as per your wishes.

There is a Frequently Asked Question page. Here you can find the answers to a number of questions that are received regularly. Please check this before mailing a question.

It's great that you can write in Spanish, Italian, Japanese or any other non-English language.. But it will mean that you end up in the spam box.. Please stick to English.

If you're sending scanned pencil/crayon/etc. art, make sure the scans are clean, and not too large. If there is time, scans are occasionally cleaned up but more often than not there is no time and that results in the image being rejected. It's a only a few clicks in Photoshop to clean a scan.

Altered artwork (censoring removed, clothing removed, (re-)colored) will not be placed without permission from the original artist. (If it is recognized as such)

When you e-mail, have some patience. Email is taken care of each week, so it might take a few days until you receive a reply, but usually no longer than a week.

If you send art, check first to see if it isn't already here. If you send a duplicated image it will most likely not be placed, but occasionally one slips through and we end up with doubles in the galleries. Also, use a bit of judgement when submitting; It has to have some added value to the collection here. When in doubt, ask first.

If you want to report a bug or error, missing picture, broken link and more of the same, please include in your message which site/mirror and what page.

If you have more than one e-mail address, or change your name all the time -- please stick to ONE email address when emailing. Artists are identified by e-mail address and you might end up with several artist profiles if you mail using several e-mail addresses.