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  Compiled below is a list of frequently asked questions that I receive via e-mail. To save me and you time, I've started to collect them, and answer them here. The questions and answers are sorted on subject. You can always use CTRL-F (Windows find word in your browser to search quickly.)

Image Ownership / Legal
Q: If I send artwork to the site, do I loose posession of it?
A: No. At no time does the CG Shrines 'own' the artwork. The copyright resides with the artist who created it and contributed it to the site. The one exception is when the arist has made it clear this is the case.

Q: Not all of the artwork on display is credited, how come?
A: This is residue of a previous policy - uncredited artwork was added to the site, until an artist contacts the shrines to have it credited or removed. This policy has since been changed - artwork is only accepted from the artists directly or from people who have the artist's permission to add it here. The only exception is 'official' artwork and things like Doujinshi covers/artwork pages.

Q: But then you're using the uncredited without permission!
A: I don't have much choice, do I? There have been several cases in which the artists mailed, glad to find their work again. (In one case an artist had lost his Lum art in a crash years before, only to find it again here). I'm sure not everyone will agree with this choice in policy. Putting it on the internet guarantees is to start leading it's own life.

Missing Characters
Q: You're mixing Cheetah and Britanny in the same pages.
A: Yes, I know. But to most people the characters are hard to keep apart, and it would mean a lot more work to seperate them. For the same reason, there's only one Puma shrine, and joined shrine for Eriya and Naria.

Q: Why won't you add character X from (insert brand new game/anime/manga here)? She's sweet!
A: I'm sure she is - but there has to be /art/ to begin with, otherwise I can't even consider it. I do not play all the RPGs that are released, so chances are I probably never even heard of that particular character. If she is indeed cute, artwork will appear, and in time I'll be able to add her.

Q: What's the deal with the 'Won't add character X'?
A: I'll take Yuffie as an example - People argue that since Tifa and Aerith are here, Yuffie should be, as well. No, she shouldn't. Blunt as it may sound, I'll add those characters that I find interesting. Yuffie got on my nerves in FF7, so she won't appear.

Emailing Matters
Q: Send me everything you've got!
A: Can you say 'silly'? It would be too much work for me and your mailbox can't hold 5GB, can it?

Q: Please send me the missing pictures.
A: Doh. If I had them, they'd be up on the site, and wouldn't be missing. Why don't YOU send me the missing pictures? :)

Q: Why the &%&*# did you censor the artwork?
A: I didn't and I don't. You see it the way I get it.

Q: Tell me how to remove the blinds on picture X.
A: Not my job to tell you how to alter work that's not yours. :)

Website itself
Q: The girl in the menu, what is her name?
A: The girl with the dragon on her arm is 'Tia Noto Yohko'. The dragon is 'Rarz Ul Metallicana'. (Spelling varies a bit). Both are from the Bastard!! show. The dragon is better known as the Little Purple Dragon. (Check the 'Find the Dragon' section.)

Q: Could you put up zips of the artwork, so that we can download all pictures in shrine X at once?
A: No. This is supposed to be an art gallery, where you can see which artist made what, and not a supermarket, for everyone to mindlessly grab artwork from.

Q: You claimed a long time ago there wouldn't be advertisements on the website. Yet the CGIREALM site has advertisements.. why?
A: True.. The CGIREALM machine was graciously hosted by cgirealm (They even provided seperate machines for it), and plugged directly into the backbone of Hong Kong - not a cheap matter altogether, considering the amount of traffic the shrines generate. ( alone is good for roughly 300GB/month) The banners there are maintained by the people running cgirealm without my intervention. I see nothing of any revenue it might gather, but the amount of money it generates is like a drop of water on a hot plate, compared to the costs for the bandwidth alone (Let alone the machine.. :)

Q: What are you paying for the shrines, and how do did you arrange for it?
A: I'm not paying anything for the shrines - but it takes a lot of time to maintain them for me. Friends and people with interest in hosting the sites are doing so. The amount of hits for this target audience is large, so there's people interested in hosting it. And, in exchange for a banner at the top of the subpages, who would complain?

Q: You've a popular site - Why don't you turn it into a pay-for-view site?
A: I've received this email a few times, with people 'willing to help out'. Sure you will.. But I don't want to charge anyone for the site - as long as I can maintain the thing as is, without paying, and with as little advertisments as I can manage, nothing will change. Besides, you'd be crazy to pay for it (As with the other pay-for-view sites, since everything they have is either nicked from here, or can be found for free elsewhere on the net. :)

I'm an artist and...
Q: How do you get picture X to look that?
A: I'm no artist - not in that sense of the work anyway. I maintain the site, and doodle a bit for the buttons and whatnot. I just /wish/ I could draw like that. :)

Q: What do I need to do to get a picture published on the shrines?
A: Easy. Send it to me, with some details on who, what, etc. And I'll take a look at it and decide whether to add it or not.

Q: Who's your favorite character?
A: Ah.. well, Cheshire, Honey/Candy, Filia and Felicia are my favorites. So if you want to be nice, draw any of them and send it.. that'll make my day. :)

Q: What's this site all about?
A: Honest to god, I get this question. I guess it can be a bit confusing if you're not familiar with anime, manga or the computer games covered here. I really have no good reply to this.

Q: Where'd the hentai go?!?!?
A: It's still there. Check the 'Hentai A-Z' button on the main menu. What? You didn't notice that? Well, that teaches you to enter the site via the entrance, instead of jumping straight in.. =)

Q: I think you should remove all the hentai. (Add random rant here)
A: Actually, I don't get this one that often - three times since the start of the shrines. One reason for the split between normal and hentai was to appease these people a little - But I will not take away the choice. If you want to see hentai, you can, but you can't 'accidentally' end up there anymore.

Q: Those screenshots in the Asuka shrine - where did you get them, and where can I find that Eva H-Movie?
A: The screenshots were donated by someone via mail. I do not currently have URLs where the movie is downloadable..

Commisioning websites
Q: That's a cool site - can you design one for me, too?
A: Sure. But expect to have to pay for it. The core team that makes the layout and ASP for the shrines is available for commerical work too, if you need that. Email me for more information.

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