Amy Sorel
Soul Calibur 3-4
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Full name Amy Sorel
Series   Soul Calibur 3-4
D.o.B / Age   Not known
Height   Not known
B / W / H   Not known
Weight   Not known
Bloodtype   Not known
Likes   Albion (her rapier), Raphael
Dislikes   People, light
Affiliated Characters   Cassandra, Hildegard, Ivy, Setsuna, Seung Mina, Sophitia Alexandra, Taki, Talim, Tira, Xianghua
Family   Raphael Sorel (adoptive father), real parents (deceased)
Background Info   Amy was a poor orphan who lived on the streets of Rouen. Her parents died of a plague that had spread across all of Europe during this time period. She had no other family to go to after the loss of her parents. One day she came across a man named Raphael, who was being chased by the local authorities. She hid Raphael from the soldiers who were pursuing him; though only in spite of the soldiers, who ran her poverty stricken town. As Raphael had never owed his life to anyone before, he felt he must protect and repay her. He felt something he never had before for Amy, so he took her in to his home and looked after her as his own daughter, to repay her for the kindness she had shown to him.

One day, Raphael returned from a vicious battle with Nightmare, the wielder of Soul Edge. Raphael collapsed before Amy's eyes and she nursed him back to consciousness. When he came round he told her that though the battle had been won, he had become infected by the evil seed, and by handling his blood, she was also infected. Their skin turned pale and their eyes shone red. They felt weak and sluggish by day, and a powerful thirst by night. Amy had always found it hard to open her heart to the world, but now she couldn't even try because she was too different from everyone else. She was no longer human. She went with Raphael to the castle he bought in Romania. She sat in a dim room seeing the torches and troops gathering there. Raphael left, saying he will be out for a while. He took care of the troops and the noises ceased. They eventually returned, but he didn't. He had left her. And now the noises and light spread violently in the world he made, bringing it to ruins. She stood up and went to the exit. She was bound to the words from those days and then she smiled. For it was her who must protect this world that Raphael created. [Source: Wikipedia]

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