Isabella 'Ivy' Valentine
Soul Calibur
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Full name Isabella 'Ivy' Valentine
Series   Soul Calibur
D.o.B / Age   December 10, 28yr
Height   183cm
B / W / H   Not known
Weight   58kg
Bloodtype   AB
Likes   Anything that gets her nearer to acquiring the Soul blade
Dislikes   Not known
Affiliated Characters   Amy Sorel, Cassandra Alexandra, Hildegard, Setsuna, Seung Mina, Sophitia Alexandra, Taki, Talim, Tira, Xianghua
Family   Cervantes (Father)
Background Info   The daughter of English nobles, Isabella Valentine had a happy life. But her father started to act strangely, soon taking his life. His wife did so too, only telling Isabella that they weren't her true parents. She searched though her "father"'s stuff and found information about the Soul Edge. Count Valentine had been an alchemist, and had thought the Soul Edge was the key to immortality. She became an alchemist too, to find out more. When she heard about Soul Edge's evil, her mind snapped. Deciding to destroy this sword, she created a wonderful technical masterpiece, a weapon that could switch between two forms: a sword and a whip. But to face the demonic Soul Edge, she needed more, so she started with sorcery. One night she managed to summon a mighty spirit, called Dexter Purpure, who agreed to fuse itself with the sword, giving it life. She is Cervantes' daughter, which explains her purple skin. It also explains why Voldo felt the scent of Soul Edge when she had been to the vault; after Cervantes stole it from the Adams', but before he was corrupted by it, he may have showed it to her.

Isabella Valentine was raised with love as the daughter of the noble English Valentine family. However, her father, Count Valentine, grew obsessed in mystery and drove the rich family into despair. The count died in madness and the famous Valentine family was ruined in a single generation.

"You are not our daughter in blood... your true parents are..." said her tender mother, as she followed her husband into death. Devastated with remorse, Isabella could care less about her "true parents".

One day, as she was collecting her parent's possessions, she discovered her father's diary. In the diary, she found that the count had become obsessed with alchemy and was investigating a sword named "Soul Edge" which was rumored to be the key to immortality. She became an alchemist to follow her father's dream and pursued the trail of Soul Edge.

Percci an Italian death merchant... Adams an English curio dealer... Captain Cervantes the dreadful Spanish pirate... The more clues she found, the greater her suspicions grew. Once she discovered the true form of Soul Edge, which she believed was the sword of mystery, something in her mind snapped.

"My father was driven mad by such a loathsome thing... this evil sword!" Despair and rage gave her a new goal in life, destroy the sword and cleanse the Valentine name.

To destroy the evil sword, she needed an even more powerful weapon. All her intellect and skill was utilized to create a weapon that could change its shape back and forth from sword to whip. However, the weapon was still just a lifeless tool that could change its shape mechanically, it could never defeat a living demonic blade. In order to use her weapon's true potential, it needed to live! But even giving it her own blood would not bring it to life.

Frantically, she tried everything she could think of. Once she found her understanding of alchemy useless, she began to explore ancient sorcery and repeated summoning rituals every midnight. But just like her father, she lost her temper and struggled with rage. One night, her desperate desire finally summoned a malformed arm into the summoning gate. Isabella stared blankly at the arm as it sensed her attachment to her beloved sword and fused itself to it. Then a voice without sound uttered, "I, Cross of the Pledge, shall confer onto thee the Point in the Escutcheon of Destruction - Dexter Purpure." The ceremony ended as the being disappeared. Under frozen moonlight, the embodiment of Isabella's sanity cracked and twisted as it desired something unholy.

Her sword was completed beyond her wildest dreams! But Isabella still remains unaware of her true parents...

at the end of Soul Calibur that Ivy finally learns that she is Valentine in name only. Cervantes de Leon, the infamous pirate and the last to be possessed by Soul Edge, is indeed her biological father. Her sanity is wracked even further even as she continues to try to unravel the remaining mystery of her origins.

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