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Full name Talim
Series   Soul Calibur
D.o.B / Age   15 June, 15yr
Height   144cm
B / W / H   Not known
Weight   42kg
Bloodtype   Not known
Likes   Wind, nature
Dislikes   Soul Edge
Affiliated Characters   Amy Sorel, Cassandra Alexandra, Hildegard, Ivy, Setsuna, Seung Mina, Sophitia Alexandra, Taki, Tira, Xianghua
Family   Father Sanput, Mother Lidi, Grandmother Kalana
Background Info   It is the beginning of the colonial age in East Asia, and the southeastern mainland is beginning to feel the influence of Spain after that empire's conquest of the Philippines. Some native peoples fled into hiding from foreign powers, quietly living with nature and practicing their ancient arts. Tarim is one of these people, a descendant of middling lineage trained in the position of a priestess, thanks to her unusual affinity with the wind. One day, the wind brought the sensation of a terrible event far to the west, and shortly afterward, a foreigner brought a strange shard of metal to the village. The elders of the village sensed its evil power, and declared that it must be returned to its origin -- Tarim takes up responsibility for that journey.

The moment Spain declared the Philippines as part of its empire, Southeast Asia was thrust into an age of turmoil. The westerners introduced their new culture without giving any regard to the indigenous culture or people. The foreigners stayed near the shoreline at first, but it was only a matter of time before their influence reached all the way to the mountains. As if they felt the need to hide from the encroaching footsteps of the foreigners, a tribe of people secluded themselves in a small village nestled deep within the mountain valleys. The tribe honored the Wind Deity and lived as one with nature. Talim was born during this era into a family of shamans. She was raised as the Last Priestess of the Wind during a time when western influences grew stronger, and faith in the Wind Deity gradually waned. One day, Talim was reading the winds, just as she had done since she was a young child. That day, however, something about the winds felt odd. Unlike the normal, soft whispers of the winds mixed with murmurs of distant cities, the winds were tainted with an evil aura that seemed to devour everything in its path. The screams, hopelessness, and madness of faraway places carried by the evil aura surged into Talim before she realized what was happening. This occurred on the day the Evil Seed spread across the world.

Talim crumpled to the ground and lost consciousness for days. The people of her village were on the verge of losing all hope when she finally awoke. Talim's eyes were filled with deep sorrow, and she cried without knowing why. By Talim's fifteenth year, it was common to see western merchants and explorers in her once secluded village. One day, a westerner brought a "vitality charm" to the village. The elders expressed concern when they saw the unusual metal fragment. They sensed that it did not belong in their village; it belonged somewhere else. They also felt that its presence would have an evil influence on those who came near it.

Talim immediately recognized the evil in the piece of metal; it was the same malevolent energy that she felt on the day she collapsed. "I must return the fragment to its rightful place!" Talim exclaimed. The elders tried to prevent Talim from leaving the village with the metal shard. They feared that the purity of the Last Priestess would be tainted if she were exposed to the outside world. Her parents disagreed. On the contrary, they felt that by experiencing the world, Talim's purity and love of nature would grow. The young Sibyl left on her journey with her parents' blessing. As her village slowly disappeared behind the mountain range, Talim sensed the resonance of the same evil aura from other parts of the world. She could feel it in the winds that traveled across the seas and continents, circulating throughout the world. She knew that everything would soon be consumed by illness if the evil force continued to spread with the wind.

Talim reasoned that there were more of these metal fragments. And like the one she possessed, unwitting people carried the pieces to all corners of the world. Talim knew she had to find all of the fragments and seek their rightful place. Although Talim had never set foot outside of her village before, she was not afraid-no matter how long the journey, she knew she would be fine as long as the winds were with her.

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