Fuu Hououji
Magic Knight Rayearth
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Full name Fuu Hououji
Series   Magic Knight Rayearth
D.o.B / Age   14yr
Height   Not known
B / W / H   Not known
Weight   Not known
Bloodtype   Not known
Likes   RPG games, Ferio, Archery
Dislikes   Seeing her friends hurt, being deceived
Affiliated Characters   Hikaru Shidou, Umi Ryuuzaki
Family   Hououji Kuu (older sister)
Background Info   Fuu is the Knights' voice of reason, often calm and analytical in times of danger. She's the most polite, always referring to someone as Mr. or Miss, even to monsters. She's also known for having an odd sense of humor and for stating the obvious. In the anime, when the girls first meet Ferio, Fuu was able to see through his lie about being a mercenary-for-hire when he was actually a lost swordsman. When the girls are first transported to Cephiro, Fuu compared their adventure to a RPG video game and didn't take their mission too seriously. After undergoing many hardships and trials with Umi and Hikaru, Fuu matured along with them, becoming the legendary Magic Knights that save Cephiro, but with a tragic cost: killing Princess Emeraude, the one they were supposed to rescue. While not considered canon, Fuu's title in Cephiro would be 'Magic Knight Windam' to go with Hikaru being 'Magic Knight Rayearth'.

Fuu's element is wind and her theme color is green. While Hikaru and Umi have offensive spells, Fuu's are defensive and curative, although she has one offensive spell (two in the anime). Her Rune God is Windam, who is located in the Sky Shrine. Fuu first starts off with a bow and arrow as her weapon, since she's part of her school's archery club, but once she receives her Escudo sword, the bow and arrow are never used again. Her sword is the largest of the three, and it becomes impossibly heavy to anyone else who tries to carry it. In the anime's second season, Fuu is kidnapped by the Fahren faction and challenged by Princess Aska to an archery duel: Fuu wins, tells her the sad truth about the Pillar, then escapes without harming the princess. This event doesn't happen in the manga.

Fuu's love interest is the most obvious from the beginning: Ferio, the swordsman who's revealed to be Emeraude's younger brother. Her feelings aren't as clear in the beginning, since she doesn't trust him, but she comes through for him on multiple occassions. Fuu talks to Ferio at times during the second season, needing someone to discuss about her grief over killing Emeraude. In the alternate OVA, Fuu's Cephiro rival is obviously Ferio, who conversely uses a beetle Rune-God to counter with her bird Rune-God. He's the only rival who survives in the end and leaves Fuu on good terms.

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