Hikaru Shidou
Magic Knight Rayearth
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Full name Hikaru Shidou
Series   Magic Knight Rayearth
D.o.B / Age   14yr
Height   Not known
B / W / H   Not known
Weight   Not known
Bloodtype   Not known
Likes   Her dog Hikari, her brother, kendo, Lantis
Dislikes   The pillar system, the villainess Debonair
Affiliated Characters   Fuu Hououji, Umi Ryuuzaki
Family   Masaru, Satoru and Kakeru (older brothers)
Background Info   The titular 'Magic Knight Rayearth', Hikaru is an outgoing, determined and cheerful high school girl who has a tomboyish and innocent nature to her. She loves everyone equally and doesn't hold any special preferences until she meets the Magic Swordsman Lantis, High Priest Zagato's younger brother. When the girls were first transported to Cephiro, Hikaru was the most serious about defending the paralell world so she could return home to her dog Hikari. Hikaru was deeply saddened by needing to kill Emeraude in order to restore the Pillar system, but this caused a problem: it needed a successor. This wasn't resolved at the end of the first season, but the second season's events show that Hikaru had the most willpower to take the coveted title, despite facing her evil self Nova, fending back three invading worlds, and coming to terms about her feelings over Lantis. However, Hikaru chose to let the people decide how Cephiro is run, rather than rest its fate on one person's shoulders. She used her Pillar powers only once: to destroy the system itself.

Hikaru's element is fire and her theme color is red. She possesses purely offensive spells, but only has two spells at her disposal the entire time: Fire Arrow and Ruby Lightning. But Cephiro is a world of will, so her intense willpower can make these two attacks far more potent. Her Rune-God is Rayearth, and she uses a regular sword to start off, then a smiliar type of Escudo sword. Her Escudo sword turns into fire if anyone other than Hikaru touches it. In the second season, Hikaru is taken by the Autozam faction, but becomes friends with Eagle Vision and tries to negotiate his country's retreat.

Hikaru's romance situation doesn't occur until the second season when she meets Lantis. Primarily it's because she's guilty over killing his older brother Zagato, but he doesn't hold any vengeance against her. He knows it was her duty as a Magic Knight. In the anime, they do fall in love. In the manga, it's only hinted at. However, in the OAV version of Rayearth, Lantis doesn't become Hikaru's rival: rather, the ice sorceress Alcyone fights her with a cat Rune-God against Hikaru's lion Rune-God, who is renamed Lexus. In the OAV, 'Rayearth' is the name of the Rune-God when the girls' gods unite into one.

In another CLAMP series called Angelic Layer, the heroine Misaki names and crafts her custom-designed doll Hikaru, clearly straight from Shidou Hikaru.

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