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Full name Nami
Series   One Piece
D.o.B / Age   3 July / 18yr
Height   Not known
B / W / H   95cm / 55cm / 85cm
Weight   Not known
Bloodtype   Not known
Likes   Treasure, mapmaking, oranges, her crew mates
Dislikes   People who spend her money, anyone who hurts her friends
Affiliated Characters   Nico Robin, Perona, Tashigi, Vivi Nefertari
Family   Bellemere (foster mother, deceased), Nojiko (foster sister)
Background Info   Nami is the Straw Hat Pirates' navigator, cartographer and quartermaster, and is the second member to join the crew after Zoro. Nami is very smart, innately able to predict any changes in the weather, saving the crew numerous times in the dangerous Grand Line weather. Nami's dream is to map the entire world, a feat not accomplished because of how unpredictable and dangerous the seas are. Nami's bounty is 16 million belli, and she is the only member who complained about having a bounty, while others were disappointed by their figures or their picture, or were actually overjoyed to get higher bounties. The person who photographed her claimed to be a reporter, so she willingly posed for the picture.

Nami was found as a baby by Bellemere and was raised along with her adoptive sister Nojiko. When Arlong invaded their island, Bellmere tried to subdue him but failed. He required everyone to pay a fee for staying on the island. She only had enough either for herself or her two daughters. Bellemere chose to pay for her daughters, and Arlong killed her in front of Nami and Nojiko. He noticed how skilled of a cartographer Nami was, despite being 8 years old, and he forced her to join his pirate gang while sparing Nojiko altogether. Nami clearly wanted to leave, so Arlong said he would let her go if she accumulated 100 million belli to buy her freedom and village back.

For 8 years, Nami remained with the Arlong Pirates until a chance encounter with Monkey D. Luffy changed her life. She is out treasure hunting when she spots him on Alvida's ship, then again when she's trying to outsmart Buggy the Clown to get his map and treasure. She helps Luffy fight Buggy, then they help Usopp stop Captain Kuro, but she ultimately betrays the budding Straw Hats and returns to her island with their treasure. But Arlong uses Marine Captain Nezumi to steal all of Nami's money, ensuring she would forever be a part of his crew. Luffy finds Nami crying for help while carving off his tattoo on her arm, forgiving her betrayal and defeating Arlong for her. After he does this, Nami joins the Straw Hats as a permanent member and replaces the Arlong tattoo with a pinwheel and mikan.

Along with Usopp, Nami is one of the weakest fighters in the crew. Both of them compensate for this by using their brains to fight, rather than brawn. She goes to Usopp and asks him to craft a weapon for her because she doesn't want to be a hindrance anymore. He creates a blue staff called the Clima Tact for her, but it's only capable of party tricks in its inception. Amazingly, Nami uses its best attack to defeat Miss Doublefinger, the second strongest female in Baroque Works after Miss All-Sunday, AKA Nico Robin. After the Skypeia arc, Usopp implemented dials into the Clima Tact, now called the Perfect Clima Tact, which allows Nami to control the weather. This was crucial for her victories against the CP9's female assassin Kalifa, and again against Thriller Bark's Absalom. In tune with her weather theme, she may ramble about a weather forecast before defeating her foe, and she often has female opponents.

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