One Piece
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Full name Tashigi
Series   One Piece
D.o.B / Age   21yr
Height   170cm
B / W / H   Not known
Weight   Not known
Bloodtype   Not known
Likes   Swords
Dislikes   Zoro, Injustica
Affiliated Characters   Nami, Nico Robin, Perona, Vivi Nefertari
Family   Not known
Background Info   Tashigi is an ensign in the Marines working under Commodore Smoker as his protege. She's a clumsy swordfighter and cannot see without her glasses on, which annoys Smoker at times, but they are an excellent pair. The Commodore actually seems to show sympathy for his junior when she's upset. For example, after the Straw Hats win against Crocodile and his Baroque Works syndicate, the Marines grant Smoker and Tashigi promotions and awards even though they didn't stop Crocodile. This was to hide the truth from the world that pirates saved Alabasta from destruction, not marines. Tashigi cried because she knew she wasn't strong enough to fight them. After seeing how upset she was, Smoker angrily told the marines to eat shit.

Her other main relationship in the series is with Roronoa Zoro, the Straw Hats' resident swordsman, but it's an antagonistic one. When she first met him in Loguetown, she didn't know who he was and helped him find a new sword. When Tashigi found out this excellent swordsman was a pirate, she confronted him to a duel but lost, resulting in his escape. They meet again in Rainbase, but Zoro yells at her to 'not look at her with that face'. This is because Tashigi greatly resembles his deceased childhood friend Kuina, not just in appearance but in fighting style, which makes the normally-stoice Zoro nervous. What the connection is between Tashigi and Kuina is not known at this time.

Tashigi's only thought about challenging Zoro again and acquiring his Meitou Wadou Ichimonji, since it's her goal as a Marine to free all Meitous from the hands of villains. Wadou Ichimonji was coincidentally given to Zoro by Kuina as a promise to carry on their dreams. Tashigi owns one of the legendary swords named Shigure. She also believes in her own kind of justice, which is nothing like the World Government's 'Abolsute Justice': her justice is in doing the right thing, rather than slaughtering everyone just to make sure the villains are dead. She and Smoker have been recently seen again after a long absence in the series, but only to look at the Straw Hats' new bounties. They clearly have plans to increase their marine rank and go after the pirates again.

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