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King of Fighters
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Full name Athena Asamiya
Series   King of Fighters
D.o.B / Age   14 March 1979, 20yr
Height   163cm
B / W / H   83cm / 57cm / 82cm
Weight   49kg
Bloodtype   B
Likes   Astrology, Ichigo-daifuku (strawberry cakes), Lacross
Dislikes   Grasshoppers
Affiliated Characters   Blue Mary, Leona, Mai Shiranui, Shermie, Yuri Sakazaki
Family   Not known
Background Info   Athena is said to be the present incarnation of the Greek goddess Athena (Saint Seiya?), the goddess of the earth. However, even if she did held her divine reputation, Athena always tries to act like a normal girl, doing such typical stuff for girls such as going to school, shopping, and of course, listening to music! In fact, Athena likes to sing a lot. Her voice almost lets out her divine attributes, and Athena seems to put a lot of feeling in it (although most people think the contrary!).

Athena has always been concerned of the evil roaming around the world, and the increasing amount of crime as well. Having been born with a special psychic power, based on the power of the ressurection bird, the Phoenix, Athena vows to use her powers in order to protect justice, and make evil recoil! However, even the job a justice fighter needs some help. While she was traveling back to home from school, she finds a pair of Chinese fellows fighting against a local tough guy. One of them was about Athena's age, the other was just an old drunkard!

Both seem to have problems with the big lug, since they don't seem to take the battle too seriously. Athena, taking away any suspicion, blows the strongman away, and seeing the skills of both men, asks them if they want to be her sidekicks. The young boy, later known as Sie Kensou, accepted inmediately, much in favor thanks to his infinite liking towards Athena, and as for the old man, soon known as Chin Gentsai, well, he decided to tag along as well...

Soon enough, all three began to fight against crime and evil in Japan. Since Kensou also seemed to manage psychic powers as well, the trio was soon to be known as the Psycho Soldiers! All three fought bravely against any evildoear, although most of them didn't pass from your run-of-the-mill criminal or a mob leader.

Meanwhile, Athena decided to continue her studies in high school. She is certainly very attracted to Kyo Kusanagi, one of her classmates, but she decides to leave it alone, since she is also a very good friend of Yuki, Kyo's girlfriend (even though it causes quite a scene of fury from Kensou!). She then begins to hear rumors of the King of Fighters tournament, and soon enough, she receives an invitation to participate. Taking along her sidekicks, Athena decides to show the world what true justice does, and in the meanwhile, fight those who threaten mankind.

During the pass of the tournaments, Athena has grown more mature and responsible in order to keep up with her duties as a justice fighter. She also has to keep up rejecting Kensou, since the young man doesn't seem to understand when to quit proposing himself to Athena! However, after three tournaments, the Psycho Solider team begins to spark more and more popularity among the world, especially among the young people, who are encouraged with the actions of the brave Psycho Soliders. Athena always forces herself to be the best, not pretending to lose the confidence of thousands of young men and women around the world who send her thousands of letters each week! It was even one fan letter from a invalid girl named Kaori which encouraged her to enter the King of Fighters '97, competition which she did not accept to enter at first. After all, Athena is fighting for the goodfare of all mankind, so she is always up and ready for the challenge!

After defending justice for so many years, Athena and her Psycho Soldiers got a well-deserved rest for two years...Period of time in which Athena met Bao, an adoptive student of Chin. Athena liked the kid very much, since he was so cute and so friendly. Bao seemed to like Athena very much as well, and since he too, had very potent psychic powers, he decided to take a cue from Athena's psychic techniques in order to get started. However, Athena could not resist her worries about Kensou, who had began to lose his psychic powers for some unknown reason. And so, arrived The King of Fighters '99....

Athena fought bravely along her comrades, but once she realized the real purpose of the tournament, being a set-up by Krizalid, Athena decides to take the bad guy down! However, before Athena and the Psycho Soldiers could arrive to the underground base, there was an explosion, and the passage began to fall down! Athena demanded an escape, but midway through, a heavy rock falls on Athena's leg, and can not budge it free. Another rock is about to fall atop Athena, and Athena faints before it can hit her. However, Kensou, turning on what remained of his psychic powers, manages to rescue her and exits to salvation....

Athena is known to be a very sweet girl among her friends, and very polite too. She is never rude except among gangsters and sometimes, Kensou (whenever he decides to pester a lot). She always helps her friends, and always takes her time to live her life as a normal girl. After all, she has a lot more to live, and life is short! Athena also respects master Chin a lot, although she wishes she will stop drinking for his own health. Being very concerned to where the world is heading to, Athena decides to fight hard for all mankind!

Fun fact: If you ever play KOF '98, Athena will seldomly change her outfit to a bikini while executing her Shining Crystal Bit DM! This is no glitch at all. This is what she was supposed to look like back in her 8-bit action games!
Cloth changes: Athena has been the only KOF character to change clothes every year! In KOF '94, she wears a long. floppy shirt with floppy pants, with some sort of red dress covering the upper part and her waist. In KOF '95, the sleeves are shortened. In KOF '96, she dons some shorts instead of pants. In KOF '97, she now wears a skirt (but with long red silk pants, sorry men!), and some strappers above her white shirt. In KOF '98, she wears a costume similiar to that of KOF '96, but a lot more tighter (could it be leather!?). In KOF '99 , Athena gets herself a hair cut (mushroom style), and she wears a red blouse (with a white shirt beneath it) with red shorts. The only constant accesories are her beads and her star hairdress!
Appearances: The King of Fighters '94, The King of Fighters '95, The King of Fighters '96, The King of Fighters '97, The King of Fighters '98, The King of Fighters '99
Other games: Athena, Psycho Soldier (two 8-bit side-scrolling games, being Athena the heroine.)

[Synopsis written by Kailu Lantis]

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