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King Of Fighters
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Full name Yuri Sakazaki
Series   King Of Fighters
D.o.B / Age   7 December 1976, 23yr
Height   168cm
B / W / H   82cm / 56cm / 80cm
Weight   59kg
Bloodtype   A
Likes   Guys, Karaoke, Sweet curry rice, softball.
Dislikes   Octopus, people who like octopus, indecisive men
Affiliated Characters   Athena Asamiya, Blue Mary, Leona, Mai Shiranui, Shermie
Family   Takuma Sakazaki, Ryo Sakazaki
Background Info   Yuri Sakazaki is the younger daughter of Takuma Sakazaki, and the little sister of Ryo Sakazaki. Ever since she was very young, Yuri's mother died, and her father was left to take care of her and her brother alone. Takuma loved both of his children, but he dedicated more time to Ryo, as he was to be the heir of the Kyokugenryo Karate style. However, he never let Yuri out of the picture, and was always a loving father. Yuri always looked up to her father, and wishes that someday she will be as strong as he is. But Ryo never accepted the idea of his sister training, since it could get her into trouble. Yuri then found a friend in the new boy that had just arrived from Italy: Robert Garcia. She had much fun talking with him, but her father and her brother always seemed to be obssesed in separating them. However, Yuri liked to be with Robert, as she considered him to be an invaluable friend.

Yuri was in the dojo one day, when she suddenly received the visit of several strange people. All dressed in black, and they refused to answer Yuri's questions. Realizing they were not there for anything good, Yuri tried to escape, but she was too slow, and got kidnapped. She was stashed in a dark room, and remained there for several days. She was very worried about her family, and was also thinking a lot about Robert. Suddenly, one day, the door opened, and Yuri was able to crawl out. She then finds out Ryo and Robert fighting a man with a "tengu" (bird) mask. Being so unite with her father, Yuri recognizes the man to be Takuma, and bids Ryo not to hurt him anymore. Takuma then removes his mask, and reveals his true identity. The whole family and Robert now go back to the dojo, and plot their comeback against Geese Howard, the man who kidnapped Yuri, and blackmailed Takuma into working for him. However, Geese already had his hands full with the Bogard brothers, who had came to exact revenge on Geese for the death of their father. After rescuing her father, Yuri asks Takuma to train her in Kyokugenryo Karate without letting Ryo know. Takuma accepts, and both begin training, making Yuri some exceptional progress in quite a few time.

When Yuri considered herself ready for action, she received a terrible notice. When she was looking forward to making a team with her father and her brother in the new King of Fighters tournament. But Ryo refuses since he does not want her to make fun of Kyokugenryo Karate. They admit Robert insetad, and Yuri is so furious, she goes to a bar in Southtown, and demands a drink. Then, she sees an invitation for the King of Fighters tournament, held by the host of the bar, King. Yuri then rushes over to beg her to join her and make a team. Unfortunately, so was a bouncy ninja girl called Mai Shiranui. Both got in an argument, and King had no otherway but to accept both of them. Now, the all-female team of England now enters, and all shall fear both their beauty and fighting skills!

After fighting in two tournaments, Yuri is called back to the dojo by her father. Upon her return, Takuma tells her to take his place in the Kyokugenryo Team, since she has showed her value to him. But Yuri has already found somebody to fight with, but Takuma persuades her a bit more by threatening to cancel her credit cards. Yuri then has to join Ryo and Robert and fight to represent Kyokugenryo Karate, much to Ryo's dismay and Robert's joy. Now, Yuri vows to honor her father by fighting in the King of Fighters tournament, although she just wishes that he stops being such a pushover at the end of each tournament, when he gives very boring speeches using his old "tengu" mask and calling himself Mr. Karate! She also accepts to clean the honor of Kyokugenryo Karate when the dojo gets trashed and the students get whacked. Yuri is always ready to help in anyway she can!

Yuri lives her life as a carefree young woman after Orochi is erradicated of this world, but not for very long. She is once again called back to action when the next King of Fighters tournament comes up. Not the one to let down her family and friends, Yuri trains harder to ever that she too, despite being the only female of the team, can put up quite a display of what Kyokugenryo Karate can do!

Yuri is a very sweet young lady, always caring about her friends and her family. She loves her father and sees him like an example, and respects her brother as well, but is bothered when he always gets involved in her business. She also likes being with Robert, but she has denied to show him her feelings since his journey to Southtown to help a childhood friend. She has lots of friends in the tournament and outside of it, and likes to go out with them. In all, she is a very friendly young lady.

ART OF FIGHTING YURI SAKAZAKI (The King of Fighters '98): Alternate version of Yuri based on her Art of Fighting 2 and King of Fighters '95 incarnations. She regains her long-range Koh-Ho-Ken, her Saiha (a shield move), and her Rai-Ou-Ken (jumping projectile). She also gains back her Hundred Slaps special grab. She still regains two DM: the Hien Houou Kyaku and the Haoh-Sho-Koh-Ken, and her Yuri Cho Upper DM is changed for the Shin Cho Upper DM.
Fun fact: Yuri really needs to stop watching Street Fighter! Lately, she has gained two DM which are similiar to two supers of Ryu and Ken, the heroes of the SF series. The Yuri Cho Upper is a ripoff of Ken's Shoryureppa, and the Shin Cho Upper is a ripoff of Ryu's Shin Shoryuken. She also has Sakura's Shun-pu-Kyaku. If that was not enough, she even ripoffs the "Service, service!" victory pose from Misato Katsuragi of the Neon Genesis Evangelion anime series. Random ripoffs is every day's history! ^_^
Appearances: The King of Fighters '94, The King of Fighters '95, The King of Fighters '96, The King of Fighters '97, The King of Fighters '98, The King of Fighters '99
Other games: Art of Fighting 2

[Synopsis written by Kailu Lantis]

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