Mary Ryan
Fatal Fury, King of Fighters
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Full name Mary Ryan
Series   Fatal Fury, King of Fighters
D.o.B / Age   Februari 4th, 23yr
Height   168cm
B / W / H   86cm / 54cm / 85cm
Weight   49kg
Bloodtype   AB
Likes   Terry Bogard, her jacket, motorcycle touring, beef cup
Dislikes   Cats
Affiliated Characters   Athena Asamiya, Leona, Mai Shiranui, Shermie, Yuri Sakazaki
Family   Father (killed by Geese Howard), Anton (pet dog)
Background Info   A native of Southtown, Mary Ryan was raised alone by her father. Mary was trained in martial arts, as he in turn had been trained by his grandfather, who was also one of the teachers of Southtown's notorious crime boss, Geese Howard. However, Mary's father, a fundamentally honest man, refused to use his skills for criminal ends. The lawless environment and her father's lessons left Mary with a deeply ingrained sense of justice. When her father was killed by Geese for his refusal to cooperate, she vowed to one day become a police officer to fight this sort of corruption.

Mary succeeded where many others would have failed, and became a undercover cop at a very young age. It was during this time where she met the first man in her life, Butch. Another undercover operative, Butch was her partner on numerous cases, all of which were successfully completed. Butch also introduced Mary to the martial art of Commando Sambo, which she took to quickly. As they worked together, Mary became charmed by his looks and attitude, and before long they were a couple. In fact, one day when they were drinking together in a bar, Butch stood up, got behind the bar, and made a drink which he named the "Blue Mary". Thus, her nickname was established. Their happiness together was not to last. Butch was assigned to a very dangerous mission, and he refused to let Mary accompany him in spite of her objections. He never returned. Weeks later, Butch's green leather jacket was delivered to her, and she was told that it was found where Butch had died. To this day, the jacket is her most treasured possession.

Mary quickly became even more renowned than Butch, developing a reputation for completing cases quickly and efficiently. In fact, many of her cases took her and her dog, Anton, to the far corners of the globe. During one of her missions, she encountered another fighter, with long blond hair and wearing a distinctive red cap. The man, Terry Bogard, appreciated her toughness and the two became fast friends, sharing several adventures together. And if their KoF intro, Terry's KoF '97 ending, not to mention both of their endings in Real Bout Special are any indication, they've become a lot more than friends. ^__^

One day, Mary received a tip which told her that the infamous criminal Ryuji Yamazaki, with whom she had run-ins in the past, would be entering the King of Fighters tournament. Mary decided to enter the tournament, and swallowing her distaste teamed up with Yamazaki in order to keep an eye on him, as well as his team-mate Billy Kane, who was known to work for Geese Howard. Discovering that Yamazaki had Orochi blood, she deduced that Kane was there for a similar purpose... to watch Ryuji on his boss' behalf. Unfortunately, Yamazaki managed to give her the slip before she could follow through on this. Suspicious now, Mary investigated the mysterious person who had tipped her off in the first place. To her dismay, she found out that he was also in the employ of Geese Howard, and that she was being used to help Billy control Yamazaki for him! Enraged, she turned her efforts towards the crime boss, determined to bring Geese to justice, as well as to catch Yamazaki, one of the few criminals who had managed to elude her. She has since returned to Southtown.

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