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Full name Shermie
Series   King of Fighters
D.o.B / Age   13 February 1976, 23
Height   173cm
B / W / H   92cm / 63cm / 87cm
Weight   68kg
Bloodtype   B
Likes   Band, watching French movies, Ice skating, Fish
Dislikes   Stew, celery, high school baseball
Affiliated Characters   Athena Asamiya, Blue Mary, Leona, Mai Shiranui, Yuri Sakazaki
Family   Not known
Background Info   Shermie is a very sexy woman who lives mostly like any modern girl: shopping, dreaming with romance, and living her own life as much as they can. However, her destiny is already marked, as her Orochi blood and her place as one of the Four Heavenly Kings of Orochi indicate what her life will be.

Shermie was a young, unworried woman who lived in France, and loved to go to the local shops and buy anything new. She also loved to play the keyboard in her free time, and she liked to play the most popular radio songs in it. Once, she met a tall, handsome man playing a guitar in a local mall. She just loved how he rolled his fingers through the strings, but Shermie just could not explain why she felt something else attracting her to him. She soon joined the man with the keyboard, and the duo were gathering quite a crowd. After the fabolous performance, and the roar of the crowd, the man offered Shermie to join him and form a music band. He introduced himself as Yashiro Nanakase, and Shermie was pleased. Soon after, a kid named Chris joined too, and the three formed a popular music band, which played all around the world, and winning a lot of fans. Shermie felt like in her own family, but she felt like something that bonded them far more than friendship.

When the band was going to have one of their most important performances in Japan, Shermie was impatient to go out on stage. However, soon, the manager came out and told them that they had to wait until the band on-stage finished. Yashiro demanded to go out, since they were supposed to be the leading band. But another band had been taking their place. Shermie saw that it was a very mysterious red-haired man who was playing on the stage and the crowd was getting wild. Yashiro did not last long in losing his patience, and told them all to get out.

Soon after, Shermie was told by Yashiro that they were joining the King of Fighters tournament, in order to exact revenge from that man who seemed to be named "Iori Yagami". Shermie was not quite sure, as she did not have any previous fighting! experience. Then Yashiro recommended her to always get in close and smash them, as her attributes would help her a lot. Soon, the New Face Team made their appearance in the King of Fighters tournament as the newest attraction. However, the Orochi power had already made a strong presence in the tournament. And the Orochi blood in Shermie's veins began to awaken. Soon, the three fighters showed their true face, as the Heavenly Kings. Shermie was then compelled to gather energy for the Orochi, and then fought the other warriors. After gathering enough energy for the Orochi, they channeled it to Chris, the host of the Orochi power. Shermie and Yashiro ended up killing themselves, for the sake of Orochi. It is unknown if Shermie managed to survive afterwards...

Shermie is a very attractive woman, and not unaware of it, Shermie exploits it to her advantage. She always mesmerizes her opponents to get in close enough and slam them on the floor. She also uses VERY explicit sexual phrases to the opponent as a manner of distracting them even more. She likes Yashiro a lot, and cares over Chris as if a little brother. She still acts like a normal woman, even though she is destined to sacrifice her life for the Orochi, as she takes her time in battle to call her friends with her cell phone!

OROCHI SHERMIE (The King of Fighters '97/The King of Fighters '98): The awakened form of Shermie, as one of the four Heavenly Kings of Orochi. She gains much more power, and she is able to channel electricity from every part of her body. Her clothes also gain a purple hue to it. She is destined to sacrifice herself for the Orochi. All of her special moves and DM are different from those of normal Shermie (one of her DM even mimics one of Benimaru's DM!)
Fun fact: Yeah, I bet anybody would just luuuuuuv to be in between Shermie's legs like in her Shermie Spiral special move. But, as somebody said, the pain soon overrides that sense of pleasure down flat!
Appearances: The King of Fighters '97, The King of Fighters '98.

[Synopsis written by Kailu Lantis]

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