Celine Jules
Star Ocean 2 : Second Story
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Full name Celine Jules
Series   Star Ocean 2 : Second Story
D.o.B / Age   Sept 18, 23 yrs
Height   167cm
B / W / H   87cm / 58cm / 88cm
Weight   50kg
Bloodtype   Not known
Likes   Baby Rabbit Risotto, Violin, Jewelry, clothes, Makeup
Dislikes   Arrogant women, Feminine men
Affiliated Characters   Lymle Lemuri Phi, Rena Lanford, Opera Vectra
Family   Eglas (Father), Labe (Mother)
Background Info   Prefering adventure over a dull relationship, Celine wanders around the Cross continent as a treasure hunter. She eavesdrops on Claude and Rena's audience with the Cross King, and later, asks for their help in her quest for a hidden treasure in the Cross Cave. Being from a prestigious family of wizards, Celine is a powerful witch herself, and isn't afraid to exibit the tattoos she wields (which are Heraldry crests needed to cast the spells).

Note: In the game, Celine (in the English ver.) uses 'darling' to refer to everyone she's talking to....*lol* She also speaks random french every once in a while like 'a bien tot, mes amis!'

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