Rena Lanford
Star Ocean 2 : Second Story
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Full name Rena Lanford
Series   Star Ocean 2 : Second Story
D.o.B / Age   May 13, 17 yr
Height   161cm
B / W / H   79cm / 59cm / 83cm
Weight   45kg
Bloodtype   Not known
Likes   Shortcake, Lyre, anything cute, the Shingo forest
Dislikes   'things that are not cute'
Affiliated Characters   Celine Jules, Lymle Lemuri Phi, Opera Vectra
Family   Adopted mother Westa, Biological mother Reema
Background Info   A curious young girl living in Arlia village of the planet Expel, Rena is one of the two main characters of the game. While visiting the Shingo forest, she is attacked by a monster, but saved by a boy she's never seen before. Rena decides to help this boy, Claude Kenni, on his journey to find his way back to his own world, while searching for her own her true past.

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