Opera Vectra
Star Ocean 2 : Second Story
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Full name Opera Vectra
Series   Star Ocean 2 : Second Story
D.o.B / Age   Aug 24, 23 yr
Height   160cm
B / W / H   83cm / 58cm / 86cm
Weight   50kg
Bloodtype   Not known
Likes   Wine, piano, adventures, shopping, jewelry
Dislikes   Compromise, macho guys
Affiliated Characters   Celine Jules, Lymle Lemuri Phi, Rena Lanford
Family   Arristocratic family back on her native planet Tetragenes. Opal (Younger sister)
Background Info   Opera is the eldest daughter of an aristocratic family on a foreign planet. A spirited woman full of passion, Opera secretly leaves her native Tetragenes in search of her missing love interest Ernest. She finally picks up data that Ernest has landed on a planet called 'Expel', but as she reaches its atomosphere, her ship loses fuel. Opera ends up crash landing in the mystical forest of Arlia. The strange stare of the natives of this 'underdeveloped' planet targetting either her third eye or her long legs doesn't intimidate Opera from continuing her quest!

Note: Opera speaks...um..normal? *lol* But that really won't help you ^^; In the game during battles, Opera refers alot to hunting, like when the battle starts, she'd say stuff like 'I'll turn you all into a bee hive' and 'I guess it's time for hunting' and schtuff.!'

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