Lymle Lemuri Phi
Star Ocean: The Last Hope
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Full name Lymle Lemuri Phi
Series   Star Ocean: The Last Hope
D.o.B / Age   June 20 / 15 years old
Height   Not known
B / W / H   Not known
Weight   Not known
Bloodtype   Not known
Likes   Cerberus, Lutea, being with Edge's crew
Dislikes   Faize's cloak
Affiliated Characters   Celine Jules, Meracle Chamlotte, Rena Lanford, Opera Vectra
Family   Not known
Background Info   Lymle is the third member to join Edge Maverick's crew after he, Reimi and Faize land on the planet Lemuris. She is a gifted symbologist who can use advanced spells, and possesses the ability to summon a demon called Cerberus from the demon realm. Despite being 15 years old, Lymle retains the physical and mental attributes of a six-year old for several reasons; one, Lemurians are naturally short due to their environment. Another reason is that when she was six, Lymle accidentally drew symbology doodles that opened a portal to the demon realm, terrifying her beyond reason. To not lose her emotions, she retains her childish personality. Cerberus found the terrified child and rescued her, becoming her faithful companion. Lymle's best friend is an acting oracle named Lutea, who is aware that other villagers were afraid of Lymle's abilities.

When Edge's crew arrives on Lemuris, a strange stone sickness called bacculus is affecting the planet's citizens, especially Ghimdo, Lymle's adoptive grandfather. Lymle says she will find the cure, but Edge and co. join her at Ghimdo's insistence because the journey is perilous. Despite their efforts, the group is unable to save the citizens of Triom from the disease, and Lymle joins the team since Ghimdo dies from the illness.

Lymle is very childish and immature, notoriously ending most of her sentences with "'kay". Lutea claims that Lymle was difficult when she was younger, always being skittish and asserting her independence. She also gives almost everyone she meets a nickname ending with 'ie', as follows;

Unusually, the only character Lymle does not give a nickname to is Faize; she only addresses him by his regular name. She often acts peculiar around Faize, shifting between worrying for him and acting unconcerned in the blink of an eye. Most notable is that after Faize receives the black cloak from the unknown Black Tribe girl, Lymle keeps commenting that it looks ugly on him. It's this cloak that allows Lymle to immediately recognize the villainous Apostle of Creation as none other than Faize, despite his face being hidden behind a mask. Sadly, Faize loses his sanity, and the Grigori merges with him to become the powerful Satanail, which Lymle, Edge, and the others must fight. After the battle, Lymle murmurs that she 'kind of' liked the cloak on Faize...

One year after the game's events, Lymle becomes a symbology teacher and has started to show emotions again. She even matures physically, having become a bit taller and older. In Faize's secret ending, Lymle is at Ghimdo's grave assuring she isn't lonely, but starts to cry a bit. Then a green-haired figure places a daisy in her hair and reaches his hand to her. The ending concludes with Lymle smiling sweetly, happy to be reunited with Faize (or it is assumed to be him).

(Personality info: often (if not always) ends her statements with "'kay", seeks attention, teaches Cerberus new tricks, hates Faize's cloak, often declares she isn't worried about Faize, forms a sort of 'girl-group' with Meracle and Sarah)

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