Chris Lightfellow
Genso Suikoden
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Full name Chris Lightfellow
Series   Genso Suikoden
D.o.B / Age   Unknown
Height   Unknown
B / W / H   Unknown
Weight   Unknown
Bloodtype   Not known
Likes   Unknown
Dislikes   Unknown
Affiliated Characters   Jeane, Nanami, Sarah, Sierra, Viki
Family   Wyatt Lightfellow (father)
Background Info   One of three initially playable characters, Chris Lightfellow is the female leader of the Zexen Knights, nicknamed 'the Silver Maiden' for her beautiful silver hair. She has to deal with the issues of doing what the Zexen Council orders versus what she believes is right.

Chris' father left when she was young, and she had been told that he died in combat. This was not the case: Wyatt Lightfellow lived in the Grasslands as 'Jimba'. He had left because the True Water Rune he bears grants him immortality, and he didn't want to cause suspicion from his lack of aging. The True Water Rune gets passed down to Chris, if she is not chosen as the new Flame Champion.

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