Genso Suikoden
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Full name Sarah
Series   Genso Suikoden
D.o.B / Age   Unknown
Height   Unknown
B / W / H   Unknown
Weight   Unknown
Bloodtype   Not known
Likes   Unknown
Dislikes   Unknown
Affiliated Characters   Chris Lightfellow, Jeane, Nanami, Sierra, Viki
Family   Unknown
Background Info   Sarah is one of the four main villains in Suikoden 3, being part of a group known as 'the Destroyers' alongside Luc, Yuber and Albert Silverberg. When she was young, Sarah was gifted with incredible magic power without the use of a True Rune. Frightened of her power, the Harmonian kingdom locked Sarah up, hiding her from the world. Eventually, a young man named Luc and his mentor Leknaat found and took Sarah away. She looks up to Luc and understands his grief at wanting to be free of the True Wind Rune. Even if the destruction of the True Rune meant destroying the world, Sarah would help Luc achieve his goal.

Sarah is a sorceress who can forcefully remove True Runes from their bearers, even though this is normally impossible. She can create illusions and heighten people's anger, as well as create artificial soldiers to fight. Otherwise, Sarah is a quiet girl who is loyal to her savior's cause.

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