Genso Suikoden
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Full name Jeane
Series   Genso Suikoden
D.o.B / Age   Unknown
Height   Unknown
B / W / H   Unknown
Weight   Unknown
Bloodtype   Not known
Likes   Unknown
Dislikes   Unknown
Affiliated Characters   Chris Lightfellow, Nanami, Sarah, Sierra, Viki
Family   Wyatt Lightfellow (father)
Background Info   Jeane is a powerful, competent, and gorgeous Runemaster who has appeared in every Suikoden, no matter what time frame it occurs in. Every Jeane that has appeared looks young and beautiful, but she does not bear a True Rune. How is this possible? Obviously, there is a major secret behind Jeane's appearances, but she will never tell. Every time a detective tries to pry into Jeane's past, they are just as stumped as when they began. It's hinted that animals like dogs can see Jeane's 'real form', if she has one. Otherwise, Jeane is one of the Suikoden world's greatest mysteries.

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