Genso Suikoden
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Full name Sierra
Series   Genso Suikoden
D.o.B / Age   Unknown
Height   Unknown
B / W / H   Unknown
Weight   Unknown
Bloodtype   Not known
Likes   Unknown
Dislikes   Unknown
Affiliated Characters   Chris Lightfellow, Jeane, Nanami, Sarah, Viki
Family   Unknown
Background Info   The first recorded event of Suikoden history is from over 800 years ago when a girl named Sierra Mikain obtains the Blue Moon Rune, a True Rune that turns the bearer into an immortal vampire. She is nicknamed 'the Coven Mistress' for this reason. At first, Sierra succumbed to the desire for blood, but eventually she learned to control its power and retreated into the forests. The Blue Moon Village originated when dying people wandered into Sierra's forest, and she granted them immortality out of pity.

However, before the events of the first Suikoden, a vampire named Neclord stole the Blue Moon Rune, wanting to use its power for himself. All of the vampires became wild... except for Sierra, since she is the Coven Mistress. Sierra, unaffected by the loss of her True Rune, pursued Neclord until she met Riou, Viktor, the Zodiac Sword and Kahn Marley in Suikoden 2. With their combined efforts, they managed to defeat the otherwise unstoppable Neclord for good, and Sierra reclaimed the Blue Moon Rune. She joined Riou's party, and was seen in Suikogaiden alongside Nash Latjke, but after that, no one is sure of where she went.

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